User Feedback

“StatCrunch gives my students and me inexpensive and immediate access to the statistical technology we need to complete our introductory statistics course. Students access the software through the Internet, and are not restricted by on-campus-only licenses and crowded or poorly maintained labs. The interfaces are intuitive and easy to learn, and the data sharing ability is outstanding. The StatCrunch developers are also receptive to suggestions about improvements to the package.”
— Tom Short, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

“Over the last five years, approximately 1,000 of the students in my beginning graduate level educational statistic course have used StatCrunch to analyze their data. The graphing procedures and statistical analyses offered by StatCrunch are sufficient to address the descriptive and inferential topics covered in my course. The inputting of data, the setup of the analyses, and the printing/saving/report development are very easy to accomplish. Statistical data analysis programs comparable to StatCrunch typically cost much much more than the nominal cost of StatCrunch.”
— Dr. Robert J. Yonker, Bowling Green State University

“I've been using StatCrunch for a masters level research methods class for the past two years. Students have access to commercial statistical packages like SPSS on campus, but they don't have access to such software off campus. StatCrunch allows students to work on class projects anywhere they have a world wide web connection. The feature set is comprehensive enough that students have been able to to use StatCrunch for the full range of analysis techniques covered in class including descriptive statistics, frequency distributions, cross tabulations, analysis of variance, correlation, and regression.”
— Eric Camburn, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, University of Wisconsin-Madison

“I have found StatCrunch to be an affordable alternative to graphing calculators for teaching statistics both on-ground and online. Students like using the program. I often hear comments that StatCrunch is easy and fun to use. It also provides the functionality needed for an introductory statistics course. The ability to share data and results in StatCrunch has been extremely useful for teaching statistics online. Students can create graphs and other results and simply share them. Then their work can be easily checked by just knowing their StatCrunch ids. Thanks for providing an affordable, easy-to-use, powerful, web-based statistics program!”
— Sue Grapevine, Northwest Iowa Community College