Financial Times Guide to Investing for Income, The: Grow Your Income Through Smarter Investing, 1st edition

Published by FT Publishing International (June 9, 2011) © 2011

  • David Stevenson


ISBN-13: 9780273735656
Financial Times Guide to Investing for Income, The
Published 2011


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Financial Times Guide to Income Investing is the complete reference guide for all investors wanting their shares and investments to provide market beating — and continuous — income.

This book provides you with the necessary tools of the trade so you can work out the best strategy to follow guiding you through the mainstream, and not so mainstream, investment vehicles.

Beginning with an introduction describing the basics of risk, return, volatility, structure, inflation and investing, the book introduces the simplest and safest products and funds before moving on to those higher risk strategies that will pay the highest income.

Publisher acknowledgements

1   The basics - risk, yield and structure

2   Savings accounts and annuities

3   Bonds – government and corporate

4   Investing in shares for a dividend

5   Using funds and hybrids to build an income from equities

6   Using retail structured products

     by Christopher Taylor

7   Putting it all together in portfolio terms

     by James Norton

8   Building some model income portfolios

9   Investing in shares through a dividend index

     by Jeremy Schwartz



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