Just the Job!: Smart and Fast Strategies To Get The Perfect Job, 1st edition

Published by Pearson (May 23, 2013) © 2013

  • John Lees


ISBN-13: 9780273772460
Just the Job!
Published 2013


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In a tough market, it pays to understand the hidden truths known only to recruitment specialists.  This book reveals how the job market really works, and how to break the rules to find a great job. It offers deep insights, smart advice and pulls apart the dull, textbook advice that lets so many candidates down.

About The Author


List of Chapters

Overview - Your Job Hunting Plan

List of Worksheets

Preface - The Lonely Lobby of the Job Hotel

Your Job Hunting Plan

Think Before You Plan

Time Things Right

Catalogue Your Strengths

Discover and Decode Opportunities

Write Your Draft CV

Level 1 Conversations

Refine Your CV Message And Start Telling People What You Can Do For Them

Level 2 Conversations

Plan B - Steps To Take If Networking Is Tricky

Target Published Vacancies

Organise Your Social Media Profile

Work With Recruitment Consultancies

Level 3 Conversations

Pitch Yourself To Employers Who Aren’t Advertising

Job Interviews

Rejection, Feedback, And Bouncing Forward

Interrogate Job Offers

Your Next Steps as a Job Hunting Expert


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