Pure Wisdom: The Simple Things That Transform Everyday Life, 1st edition

Published by Pearson Life (March 15, 2011) © 2011

  • Dean Cunningham


ISBN-13: 9780273742982
Pure Wisdom
Published 2011


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Pure Wisdom offers a thousand years’ of timeless wisdom, distilled down to the most important of principles and then skilfully applied to the way we live today.

  • In doing so, the complex becomes simple.

  • The confusing becomes clear.

  • Disquiet is replaced by calm.

The insights you will gain will enhance your daily life and provide that elusive key to greater happiness, success and fulfilment.

Part one: Right Attitude

Chapter 1:        Balanced                     

Chapter 2:        Calm               

Chapter 3:        Committed      

Chapter 4:        Compassionate            

Chapter 5:        Confident                    

Chapter 6:        Courageous 

Chapter 7:        Creative          

Chapter 8:        Disciplined       

Chapter 9:        Fearless                       

Chapter 10:      Flexible                       

Chapter 11:      Grateful

Chapter 12:      Honest            

Chapter 13:      Meticulous                   

Chapter 14:      Mindful            

Chapter 15:      Non-judgemental                       

Chapter 16:      Open-minded              

Chapter 17:      Patient             

Chapter 18:      Persistent                     

Chapter 19:      Respectful                   

Chapter 20:      Responsible


Part two: Right Practice

Chapter 21:      Act                  

Chapter 22:      Change            

Chapter 23:      Compete

Chapter 24:      Compromise                

Chapter 25:      Decide            

Chapter 26:      Defend

Chapter 27:      Focus              

Chapter 28:      Forgive

Chapter 29:      Give    

Chapter 30:      Let go 

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