Pure Wisdom: The Simple Things That Transform Everyday Life, 1st edition

Published by Pearson Life (March 15, 2011) © 2011

  • Dean Cunningham

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Part one: Right Attitude

Chapter 1:        Balanced                     

Chapter 2:        Calm               

Chapter 3:        Committed      

Chapter 4:        Compassionate            

Chapter 5:        Confident                    

Chapter 6:        Courageous 

Chapter 7:        Creative          

Chapter 8:        Disciplined       

Chapter 9:        Fearless                       

Chapter 10:      Flexible                       

Chapter 11:      Grateful

Chapter 12:      Honest            

Chapter 13:      Meticulous                   

Chapter 14:      Mindful            

Chapter 15:      Non-judgemental                       

Chapter 16:      Open-minded              

Chapter 17:      Patient             

Chapter 18:      Persistent                     

Chapter 19:      Respectful                   

Chapter 20:      Responsible


Part two: Right Practice

Chapter 21:      Act                  

Chapter 22:      Change            

Chapter 23:      Compete

Chapter 24:      Compromise                

Chapter 25:      Decide            

Chapter 26:      Defend

Chapter 27:      Focus              

Chapter 28:      Forgive

Chapter 29:      Give    

Chapter 30:      Let go 

Dean Cunningham is a karate champion with over 30 years experience and a life coach. He lived in Japan for over five years, immersing himself in karate and training with the masters. Absorbed their ways of thinking and approaching life and synthesizing these ideas with his own experience he has written this clear, simple and deeply insightful guide.

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