THINK Marketing, 3rd edition

Published by Pearson Canada (January 8, 2018) © 2019

  • Keith Tuckwell St. Lawrence College
  • Marina Jaffey Camosun College



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For Principles of Marketing courses.

Think Marketing makes learning and teaching marketing more effective, easier, and more enjoyable than ever. Its streamlined approach strikes a careful balance between depth of coverage and ease of learning. The third edition's design enhances student understanding, and when combined with our online homework and personalized study tool, Think Marketing ensures that you will come to class well prepared and leave class with a richer understanding of basic marketing concepts, strategies, and practices.

Update. This title will retire on June 1, 2025. For alternative solutions for your course, please speak to your sales representative.

Hallmark features of this title

  • Learning Objectives. Each learning objective (LO) is tied to chapter content, helping students make connections between examples and key concepts easily.
  • Think Marketing Boxes. Each chapter contains two highlight features that provide an in-depth look at the real marketing practices of large and small companies.
  • Experience Marketing. To experience marketing, students must assess situations and make recommendations to change marketing strategies when necessary. The Experience Marketing section in the end-of-chapter content challenges students to consider the details of a given situation, and asks what they would do to resolve it. 
  • Chapter-Opening Content. The new, more active and integrative opening spread in each chapter features Learning Objectives and an opening vignette—an engaging, deeply developed, illustrated, and annotated marketing story that introduces the chapter material and sparks student interest.

New and updated features of this title

  • As the world shifts to a greater reliance on digital media, it is appropriate that this text evolves as well. This third edition is the first fully digital version of THINK Marketing. Instructors and students will find that, although the medium has changed, the content is fully consistent with prior editions.
  • Effective marketing involves developing strategies that are in tune with rapidly changing market conditions. Therefore, key topics such as ethics, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, multiculturalism, shifting demographics, customer relationship management, social media communications, and advancing technologies are themes woven throughout the book. An effort has been made to include brand and corporate examples of small and medium enterprises from across the country, in addition to examples of successful Canadian-owned global companies. 
  • Overall Presentation of Chapters. Some chapters have moved forward in the book in response to the requirements of the typical introductory marketing course. Strategic Marketing Planning is now Chapter 3 (formerly Chapter 7). Services and Not-for-Profit Marketing is now Chapter 10 (formerly Chapter 16). Coverage of services and not-for-profit organization marketing is now included with traditional elements of product planning. Reviewers also requested a more concise presentation of price strategy and management. Price content is now presented on one chapter (Chapter 11) and has been retitled Pricing Decisions: Objectives, Strategies and Tactics, to reflect the changes in content. Finally, all chapters include new chapter opening stories that set the stage for the content presented in each chapter.
  1. Contemporary Marketing
  2. Marketing Environment
  3. Strategic Marketing Planning
  4. Marketing Intelligence
  5. Consumer Buying Behaviour
  6. Business-to-Business Marketing and Organizational Buying Behaviour
  7. Segmentation and Targeting
  8. Product Strategy
  9. Product Management
  10. Services and NFP Marketing
  11. Price Strategy and Management
  12. Distribution and Supply Chain Management
  13. Retailing
  14. IMC: Media Advertising, Social and Mobile
  15. IMC: Sales Promotion, Public Relations, Experiential Marketing and Personal Selling
  16. Global Marketing

Keith Tuckwell is a graduate of Ryerson University in Business Administration Marketing. Following graduation, he held various marketing and advertising management positions with leading consumer goods companies, including Reckitt & Coleman, Maple Leaf Mills, and Quaker Oats Company of Canada. Having a desire to teach young marketers, Keith joined St. Lawrence College in 1980 and has taught courses in Introductory Marketing, Advertising, Advertising Management, Media Planning, Integrated Marketing Communications, Public Relations, Business Marketing, Marketing Research, and Personal Selling. He was Coordinator of the Marketing and Advertising programs for many years, and Chair, Marketing and Management, for a three-year term. Keith was also an Adjunct Instructor at Queen's University teaching Introduction to Marketing, Marketing Communications, and Marketing Strategy in the Bachelor of Commerce program and the former two-year MBA program.

Keith has authored several uniquely Canadian textbooks, the first of their kind in the Canadian marketplace. Among his titles are Canadian Advertising in Action (now in its eleventh edition), Canadian Marketing in Action (eight editions), and Integrated Marketing Communications: Strategic Planning Perspectives (now in its fifth edition).

Marina Jaffey holds a Master's degree in education from the University of Victoria and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Carleton University. She has an extensive background in strategic planning, trade marketing, and sales management with Unilever, a global consumer goods firm. In her role as district sales manager with Unilever, Marina was a three-time recipient of the Sales Excellence Award. Marina has also worked as a consultant for organizations including the National Gallery of Canada and the B.C. government. She is currently Director and Student Engagement Chair on the Canadian Public Relations Society board and has served as Program Director on the Sales and Marketing Executives Victoria board.

Her position as Instructor and past experience as Sustainability Developer and Program Leader at Camosun College in Victoria, B.C., enable her to share her passion for marketing and sustainability with students. Marina develops and delivers a variety of courses in the Bachelor of Business Administration–Marketing and Post Degree Diploma programs, including Introduction to Marketing, Marketing Communications, Communication Tools and Media, Business-to-Business Marketing, Sales Management, and Global Business Strategies.

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