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Pearson Results Team | May 21, 2021 in Meaningful Outcomes

Higher Ed faculty say Revel Criminal Justice has high-quality and relevant content that help student succeed. Find out more from these instructors in the US

Pearson interviewed instructors across the United States in the winter of 2020 to understand how they’re using and experiencing Revel Criminal Justice.

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Revel helps students succeed

Mike Penrod, emeritus professor at Kirkwood Community College in Iowa, has seen how the content based on learning science in Revel has helped his students be successful in his courses through increased retention and critical thinking skills.

“The way Revel is set up, it’s brain-based learning methodology. The more times you get to look at the material, through the embedded quizzes, SharedWriting, end-of-chapter quizzes, they are seeing the

content constantly broken down into smaller pieces and it just makes a lot of sense…I think Revel has helped not just with learning, but the number of students who stick with the course too…SharedWriting helps develop critical thinking skills. It’s not just a regurgitation of information, but they have to think about the issues out there in the real world.”

Revel fosters student satisfaction

While John Baker, full-time professor at St. Cloud University in Minnesota, gets calls from other publishers every day and has used other platforms aside from Revel before, the main reason he sticks with Revel is because his students prefer it over all others as indicated through end-of-year surveys.

“Students love the Revel platform. We love it. It is accessible to them on multiple devices…they like the ease of it. They like the ability to listen to each chapter, pretty much everything that is involved with Revel…and the cost is very, very good too.”

Revel is a tool that supports instructors

Mark Eger, part-time professor at Yuba College in California, appreciates the reduction in workload when it comes to setting his course up in Revel.

“It is much more labor intensive when you have to set up a course yourself. With Revel you just sit back and watch. You interject if needed and watch the students chart their path. I am a firm believer in this program.”

Revel builds an online community

SharedWriting assignments help Mike Penrod and John Baker establish dialogue between students, which can be challenging in an online environment.

“I really like the SharedWriting assignments. They are like discussions in a lot of ways. Now that we are stuck totally online, they help to build some type of community.”

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