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Pearson Results Team | May 21, 2021 in Meaningful Outcomes

Higher Ed faculty say Revel facilitates active learning to help students succeed.

Pearson interviewed professors across the United States between the summer of 2020 and the winter of 2021 to understand how they’re using and experiencing Revel.

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Revel improves results and helps students succeed

Kevin Brady, full-time History professor at Tidewater Community College, has found that students who take advantage of Revel are performing better overall in his course.

“I am seeing student success in my class. Very few students fail my course. They are consistently pulling As and Bs and I think the videos are really helping them, as they don’t discourage them. They don’t overwhelm [students]. They are one of the best features of Revel. It keeps me going back to Revel to say I am not going to change anything about this.”

Revel engages students and increases their confidence through active participation in learning

David Kiracofe, full-time professor of History at a 2-year school in the southeast, has seen an increase in student engagement and confidence when utilizing Revel, which translates to improved performance.

“Overall, Revel really helps keep students engaged, so their performance improves.  When we’re in a standard class where I gave paper and pencil quizzes, they ran towards a B- average. With Revel, they are pushing towards an A-. I think it’s because the embedded quizzes help keep them focused and help reinforce comprehension. That improves their confidence and improves their mood.” 

Revel contains quality, up-to-date content

Dr. Rich Haesly, full-time Political Science professor at California State University Long Beach, finds real value in Revel’s Current Events Bulletins because they highlight important events.  The Bulletins also strongly resonate with students and establish high-quality writing prompts that engage students and encourage informed discussion.  

“The Current Events Bulletins…are ripped from the headlines. [They are] ideas that become really great sources for writing prompts. This is stuff [students] need to know, not just to do well in the course, but they are important ideas to think about.”  

Revel connects content to everyday life

David Raymond, full-time professor of Political Science at Northern Maine Community College, believes the textbook author and intro videos in Revel help students see the application of political science in their lives.  

“[The author] is good when it comes to bringing in the real-world connection in his textbook, especially in the intro videos that connect concepts for the students so they can see Political Science does have a relevancy for them.”

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