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Pearson Results Team | June 3, 2021 in Meaningful Outcomes

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Pearson interviewed instructors across the United States in early fall 2020 to understand how they’re using and experiencing Revel Political Science. Through this work, we found that the high-quality, relevant content in Revel Political Science helps students succeed.

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Revel has current & relatable content that applies to students’ everyday lives

David Dr. Rich Haesly, full-time professor at California State University Long Beach, finds real value in Revel’s Current Events Bulletins because they highlight important events. The Bulletins also strongly resonate with the students and establish high-quality writing prompts that engage students and encourage informed discussion.

“The Current Events Bulletins…are ripped from the headlines. [They are] ideas that become really great sources for writing prompts. This is stuff [students] need to know, not just to do well in the course, but they are important ideas to think about.”

Revel helps students succeed

Terri Evans finds students who take advantage of Revel quizzes perform better when compared to those who don’t utilize Revel.

“For the students that do not do well on their exam or need some improvement, the first thing I do is go into Revel and see if they are even using the system. I found for those students that are not using Revel to do some testing along the way, compared to those that do, there is a grade difference there.”

“The students that did take up work in Revel, it helped them. It helped them prepare for their final exam and their learning improved.”

Revel monitors student engagement & performance

Dr. Elizabeth Williams monitors student engagement and performance to intervene with struggling students.

“The student performance data I receive (on individual students, their grade trend, and time spent on task) allow me to tailor much earlier intervention with struggling students. I meet with them earlier in the term, well before poor performance on much more heavily weighed exams. It is a sort of preventive academic counselling, and very active listening on my part.”

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