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Pearson Results Team | June 3, 2021 in Meaningful Outcomes

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Pearson interviewed instructors across the United States in mid-summer 2020 to understand how they’re using and experiencing Revel Psychology.

Through this work, we found that Revel Psychology empowers students to actively participate in learning.

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Revel connects Psychology to everyday life

Kathleen Hughes, full-time professor at Pasco Hernando State College in Florida, believes Revel is a valuable tool that helps students understand their own everyday lives. The content is designed to connect psychology to real-life, explain why psychology matters, and how to apply it to life.

“One of the priorities I have is helping students to understand themselves, their role as students, how to do better, and how to be a better student. I think giving them Revel, a tool that helps support that, helps their everyday life of just being a student.”

Revel contains quality, up-to-date content

Garth Neufeld, full-time professor at Cascadia College in Washington, finds the way the book is laid out resonates with students, saying:

“I think the way the book is written and the way it is presented is extremely applied and relevant to my students’ lives.”

In addition, Garth appreciates the specific textbook he uses in his General Psychology course as he thinks “it does a great job of being current.”

Revel develops critical thinking skills

Lisa Bohon finds that Revel enhances her students’ abilities to think critically.

“The writing and personality inventories develop critical thinking. I have taken essay questions from the Pearson test bank as a starting point and have students write about the topics and respond to someone else. In doing that, that’s part of critical thinking, your ability to take something abstract and then thinking about something in the real world that applies to you.”

Revel improves performance

Dr. Bernadette O’Leary sees students performing better in their homework, exams, and overall grades due to the support Revel offers with comprehension and retention.

“I've noticed an increase, a wonderful increase, in student performance and not only course grades, but points that they earn from each chapter. [Students are] more attuned, they're comprehending more, they're remembering more. I notice that in the point values, as they're doing the homework and then also as they are preparing for the exams. So, I do think that a companion site like Revel can actually help students comprehend as well as retain more information.”

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