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Pearson Results Team | July 6, 2021 in Meaningful Outcomes

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In 2018, Pearson worked with Garth Neufeld, Instructor at Cascadia College in Bothell, WA to investigate whether the use of Revel Psychology helped students succeed.

Researchers found that:

  • When Revel was implemented in the course, average student exam scores improved.
  • Students who earned higher average Revel quiz scores also earned higher average final exam scores.
  • Average final course grades improved when Revel was required in the course.

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Why did Garth Neufeld adopt Revel?

Instructor Neufeld has taught Psych 100 online for several years. In Summer 2018 he redesigned the course to address issues with student engagement and reading completion. He hoped that by introducing Revel™ and restructuring the course assignments, students would be more likely to read the course content, complete the assignments, and be more engaged in the course.

How was Revel used in his course?

Neufeld created weekly Revel assignments, including readings and module and chapter quizzes and were due before the chapter was covered in class. Weekly Revel assignments are worth a combined 15% of the final course grade.

Did Revel improve student success?

Student performance data from Spring 2018 and Winter 2018 were used to compare results after implementing Revel. Data indicate students earned higher average final exam scores (final exam scores of zero were removed from analysis) when the course was redesigned and Revel was implemented.

Students earned higher average final course GPAs when the course was redesigned and Revel was used than during the two course terms prior to redesign.

Did students like using Revel?

Students’ survey comments regarding their Revel experience included:

  • “[Revel] is a great way to learn — easy and effective with videos and mini quizzes.”
  • “All the information needed to view and study is very accessible. This includes textbook information, grades, and announcements. It's very organized.”

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