Setting up MyLab Mastering

Discover some useful tips on how to get the most out of your MyLab/ Mastering course with the help of our tutorial videos.

1. Important note for all MyLab & Mastering users

A common course issue is due to setting the correct time zone/location in your Mastering course - which unfortunately is not automated.

Below you will find the steps to adjust this as it will effect your assignments availability. Please let us know if you have any issues with your course or student registration. We are standing by to make sure you have a smooth start to the Spring 2020 semester.


1. Go to course settings (green wheel icon).
2. In the dropdown for you can select your timezone.


1. Go to manage course.
2. Click on Edit MML Settings.
3. On this page you can edit your timezone under the 'Availability' section. 

2. Manage your course effectively and efficiently

3. Support for your students

4. Additional support and services

5. Demo’s, advanced training and integration

6. Enrolling as a Section Instructor

In MyLab & Mastering, it's possible to enroll as co-instructor in your colleague's course. To do so, you'll first need to have a Pearson Account with instructor access. Then, from the My Courses screen, click Enroll as a Section Instructor. Enter the Course ID followed by a Section Instructor access code (you can request one from your account manager). Note: it's also possible to upgrade students to Teaching Assistants through the Roster.