Educator in the spotlight


  • In the spotlight: Juan Borra

    Today another devoted lecturer features on our ‘Lecturer in the spotlight’ blog series. This lecturer has teaching with technology down to a fine art. His name is Juan Borra and he teaches Managerial Accounting at Haaga Helia University in Finland. By putting the focus on blended learning in his course design, he has given his diverse group of 300 students the opportunity to gain that sought-after excel proficiency required by employers.

    Let’s shed some light on the great work Juan has been doing in Education.

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  • In the spotlight: Leslie Christensen

    If you can make students work on a Saturday, you must be a special kind of teacher. Yes, that is right. Leslie Christensen, our very first ‘lecturer in the spotlight’, has successfully set up so called ‘Study Cafe’s’ that are run on Saturday’s by students themselves. His unique and accessible approach has made him famous among his 1400+ students.

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