Embed your best practice

Help new starters speed up their 'time to effectiveness' by using current business tasks as the focus for their learning to apply your ways of working.

Create vital connections

Don't leave new people on their own. Give them an immediate internal connection who will help them quickly integrate with the wider team.

Reward supportive staff

You know your unsung heroes who help new colleagues get up to speed. Reward and recognise that support with credentials and further development opportunities.  

Your challenge

Engaging and structured onboarding processes are key to staff retention and team cohesion. You want:

  • To spend as little time as possible creating learning pathways for new staff that work for all stakeholders.
  • New team members quickly contributing to delivering on business goals.
  • To ensure new staff feel welcomed and part of the department and company from the outset so they stay with you long-term.
  • To recognise and reward current staff for their help integrating new colleagues into the organisation
  • A method of properly validating someone's skills based on observable output not 'self-reporting'.

How it works

16-20 hours learning over 6+ weeks



The Skills Accelerator experience
  • Personalized learning
    Course focus is a real-world business project chosen by the learner who receives individual project feedback from an experienced colleague.
  • Learn in the flow of work
    Guided online courses that integrate with work so your people can learn on the job, using the tasks they need to complete every day.
  • Evidence-based learning design
    Experiential course experiences build on learning science, research and rigorous live testing so you can be confident courses will deliver the learning outcomes you need.
  • Formal, recognised skills verification
    Learners and advisors earn verified, transferable skills badges through the Credly platform which is the credentialing network of choice for 3K+ certification, assessment, and training providers and employers.

Have a conversation with us

Let's talk more about Pearson Skills Accelerator and what it could do for you.

Benefit from 100 years of Pearson expertise in learning and assessment to provide a ‘best in class’ learning experience and assessment framework to staff.

If you are a leader who needs to:

•    Enhance new staff's 'time to effectiveness'

•    Create vital internal connections

•    Reward supportive staff

Then speak to a Customer Success Manager who can help you assess whether Skills Accelerator is the right tool to meet your company's training needs. In the 30 minute call we'll discuss: 

•    Your current welcome and onboarding programs, and your role within them

•    Whether Skills Accelerator is the right fit for you


I found that it was really really positive, I had quite a clear idea of what I wanted to achieve from it, I absolutely did achieve that. I wouldn't have done that if I hadn’t signed up... So it was a very positive experience

Becky T, Product Manager (Learner).

The bit that I thought was phenomenally good, was getting connected to an advisor. This was really helpful. It was a real turning point, that the project I chose has gotten reports that proves that it was good work.

Darya Duckworth, Channel Sales Manager (Learner). 

It was not about completing the course, it was about developing the learner, It's about maximizing people potential so they can progress in their career. When I help someone do that, I feel very happy.

Paulo Antonelli, Customer Success Team Manager (Advisor).