Learn about StatCrunch

Within StatCrunch’s online community, users share data sets, results, and reports and join or create groups. All shared items are also cross referenced so that you can easily find shared results for a data set that is of interest to you or find a group to join.

Explore these StatCrunch examples for the basic use of the data analysis software or get the StatCrunch study card for a quick reference of the procedures most commonly used by students.

Learn more about this statistical software and how it can help you collect, crunch, and communicate.


When you register, you have access to MyStatCrunch. Here, you can upload data sets, create reports and surveys, and view groups or other content saved in StatCrunch. It’s your one-stop destination for data analysis storage.


  • Create and administer surveys
  • Load text or Microsoft Excel files (both .xls and .xlsx) from your computer or the web
  • Load HTML output that can be easily copied and saved


  • Analyze data with a full range of numerical and graphical methods
  • Use interactive graphics for exploratory analysis
  • Conduct simulations with StatCrunch applets
  • Compute mathematical expressions
  • Easily subset data and group results
  • Download a full list of statistical procedures available in StatCrunch


  • Create and share detailed reports featuring StatCrunch results and data sets
  • Join groups to share and collaborate