Boost your students’ Business Communication expertise with our new edition!

Pearson is pleased to present the 2nd Canadian Edition of Business Communication: Polishing your Professional Presence for consideration at Concordia University. Accompanied by our interactive MyLab learning software, Pearson+ e-text, and Ametros simulations, this resource is intended for use in your Business Communication course. We hope you find this information helpful and look forward to partnering with you to deliver an outstanding experience for your students

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Practice-based Learning with Ametros Simulations

Our partnership with Ametros allows you to easily harness to power of genuine, experiential learning simulations. Students get to practice their business communication skills in a virtual environment to see their impact and hone their abilities. Additionally, the pioneering AI software within Ametros provides students with unique and tailored experiences, designed to suit their learning needs.

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What’s Inside? Within the module, the learner takes on the role of a communications specialist, tasked with a challenging project from the company’s executive team.

Learning Objectives: Students are asked to gather and analyze information, adapt their communication style to suit their audience, recognize how ethics influence communication, and understand the importance of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Learning Outcomes: By the end of the 2-2.5 hour simulation, the student will have strengthened their information gathering and communication skills within the context of a highly sensitive EDI-focused narrative.

These simulations are easy to integrate into your courses and a member of our team can always help if you encounter any difficulties. To explore the full list of available simulations for your class, click here.

How does MyLab accelerate student comprehension & retention of material?

Designed with a focus on learning science, the Dynamic Study Modules (DSMs) within our MyLab software enable students to take on class concepts in a low-stress format. Core concepts are reworked into practical questions that follow each chapter, which require students to engage with the class content.

The Importance of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

We have taken great strides to make our resources more accepting, understanding, and empowering of all the voices that form our vibrant Canadian classrooms. This resource has undergone a stringent EDI (or DEI) revamp and all language and content incorporates this framework at a foundational level. As an educator, this means that EDI will already be embedded within students’ learning without extra work on your part.

Changing resources is hard, how does Pearson help?

Pearson has developed an extensive support and setup process to help you along any and every step of the way. Whether it’s help creating new slides or a syllabus for your content, adding new instructional materials and features, or even basic assistance on connecting our software to your system, we’ll be there for you. And, with great additions like interactive lesson presentations, tailored flashcards, and learning on-the-go, we think your students will love Business Communication: Polishing your Professional Presence.

To learn more about this resource, we encourage you to download and read the Instructor’s Manual and/or visit the resource page for the full information.

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For any questions regarding this interactive resource, please send an email to Susan Tiller to get in contact with your Pearson representative.