Instructor Resource Advocacy

At Pearson, we’re committed to helping students succeed. To that end, we strive to enable instructors by providing language and tools to make sure your students are getting the most out of their assigned Pearson resource and coming to class prepared.

You spent time selecting a resource – your students want to know why! We encourage you to take some time on the first day of class to help your students understand their course resource and how it can benefit them.

We can help you advocate for the Pearson resource you selected with:

Syllabus inserts

Not sure of the best wording to use in your course outline to promote the resource to your students? We can offer personalized, customizable content that highlights the benefits of your selected class resource for your students. This content can be altered or simply copy-and-pasted right into your course syllabus or LMS. It also serves as handy reference material with all the steps to purchase and register their resource with relevant links and Pearson FAQs – simply fill out the form below for assistance.

First day of class presentations

Let us do the talking! We can provide a more detailed presentation deck, either for you to use (and share with your students), or we can coordinate Pearson rep to join either in-person or online for a 5-minute presentation on the first day of your class. The presentation provides an overview of all the relevant features and benefits of their resource, along with a walkthrough of purchase and registration. These decks will help make sure your students are set up for success and prepared for class, giving you more time to dive into content.