Learn Nutrition Functionally

NUTRITION: A Functional Approach

4th Canadian Edition

For many postsecondary students this is the first time they are cooking for themselves. Students are interested how to eat well, how to be healthy, and how to be successful in sports activities as well as their studies.  By demonstrating how nutrition relates to these interests, this text empowers students to reach their personal health and fitness goals.

Throughout the text, the material is presented in a lively narrative that continually links the facts to students’ circumstances and lifestyles. The content in Nutrition: A Functional Approach is appropriate for non-nutrition majors, but also includes information that will challenge students who have a more advanced understanding of chemistry and math. We present the “science side” in a contemporary narrative style that’s easy to read and understand, with engaging features that reduce students’ apprehensions and encourage them to apply the material to their lives.

KEENOA app included with Pearson Mastering

To help students gain a deeper understanding of the food they eat, those studying nutrition with Nutrition: A Functional Approach will be able to use Keenoa, a food tracker nutrient analysis program that is also used by dietitians.

What’s NEW?

Food Sovereignty and Indigenous Communities

Focuses on the current issue of food quality, cost, and availability that directly affect Indigenous populations in Canada.

New Meal Focus Figures

New graphics depict the differences in sets of meals, such as a comparison of nutrition density between two meals.

Health Canada’s Policies

Changes in Health Canada’s policies are reflected in the nutrition facts label and Canada’s food guide.

Obesity and Healthful Eating Patterns

These new mini-chapters focus on topics such as health and societal problems surrounding nourishment.

2023 UPDATE:

Updated alcohol guidelines are reflected in Health Canada’s policies in chapter 10 and expanded on in chapter 15.

2023 UPDATE:

Features an updated figure that addresses drinking water advisories.

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