Pearson Campus Ambassadors

Current Canadian higher education students working with Pearson, playing a vital role in helping students succeed.

Pari Patel

Fourth Life Sciences, McMaster University

Pari is a passionate Life Sciences student at McMaster University with a strong desire to support her peers and uplift those around her. As one of our Pearson Campus Ambassadors, Pari continues to promote student success by openly sharing her undergraduate struggles and representing her campus in higher education. At school, Pari extends her role as a student leader as an upper-year mentor for the McMaster Science Society and as a first-year Welcome Week representative.

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Ava Ansari

Third Health Sciences, Queens University

Ava is a dedicated Health Sciences student at Queen's University with an unwavering commitment to learning and inspiring others. As a Pearson Campus Ambassador, she supports her peers in their academic journeys by advocating for accessible and quality education for all. Ava is also a leader for the Queen's University Dance Club and Tap Team, where she motivates and guides fellow dancers with her passion for teamwork.

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Chidera Nwana

Third Year Computer Sciences, Brock University

Chidera Nwana is a Computer Science undergraduate student at Brock University. She hopes to use the skills learned in university combined with her love for technology to become a data analyst or engineer at a Fortune 500 tech company. As a committed PCA, Chidera uses her experiences and insights to help Pearson curate events for higher education students.

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Cristina Koga

Third Year Health Sciences, Queens University

Cristina Koga is a third-year student studying at Rotman Commerce, at the University of Toronto. As an Italian-Japanese student who lived in Tokyo all her life, while the idea of going to university in Canada was exciting, it also felt quite overwhelming. However, by integrating herself into student life initiatives and clubs, Toronto started feeling like home in no time. She is thrilled to be part of the PCA program and share her experiences with all of you!

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Jenny Jing

Second Year Business, Western University

Jenny Jing is a second-year Business student at Western University pursuing an Honours Business Administration degree. In her role as a PCA, she fosters a professional and supportive community, bridging the gap between Pearson Canada and students on campus.

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