Imagine if your students had hands-on coding practice, with immediate feedback, right in their text

Our programming authors have reimagined their content for Revel, embedding interactives throughout the narrative that bring the discipline to life. Activities, videos, and animations integrated throughout the text encourage students to read, explore, and practice coding in an authentic environment, all at the same time. Instructors can easily assign auto-graded programming exercises that enable students to practice essential coding skills and master key programming concepts. By empowering students to actively participate in learning, Revel boosts engagement and improves results.

Pearson’s Revel The future for teaching programming

Revel® is the learning platform designed to encompass text, video, and programming interactives in one environment to foster active learning for all participants. Using Revel, students can practice coding in an authentic environment, gauge their understanding of the material, and get support where they need it most.

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All new Revel’s with CodeGrade will launch June 14th

CodeGrade Partnership will bring the following benefits to our new programming titles with Revel:

  • 100% new or re-designed, auto-graded exercises and programming projects
  • 85% active coding exercises for more coding practice
  • Commercial-grade coding environment
  • Greatly improved hints and feedback
  • Ability for instructors to review student code submissions
  • Plagiarism Detection
  • Support for multiple files and directories
  • A built-in IDE (integrated development environment)
  • Option of accessing exercises in the context of the reading, or exercise only filter
  • WCAG Compliant
  • LMS integration capabilities
  • Improved platform stability and performance