Revel Educator Guide

Curious how Revel can be customized to meet your intended learning outcomes?

As an educator using Revel within your courses, we aim to provide you with answers to any questions that arise. This onboarding & support page contains a variety of short videos and other helpful assets spanning many areas of Revel such as formatting your courses and supporting your students. Check out the resources below to see how Revel can provide an immersive learning experience for your students and strengthen your experience as an educator!

Explore Revel’s Features and learn about Faculty Resources

Revel is a learning platform designed to create a powerful educational experience for both students and instructors. It is easy-to-use and to integrate within your institutions and offers engaging content to motivate active learning. Click the video to see more.

Interested in our Faculty Support options? Here are some helpful links:

- Accessing the general Faculty Support Hub website.
- Review the Faculty/Instructor QuickStart Guide.

Setting Up Courses with Revel and Using the Mobile App

Do you have questions about using Revel within your courses? Or do you need support to create or copy a course? Our team is dedicated to ensuring your successful setup with Revel, so you can make the most of your time from Day 1. Check out any of the following videos or links to quickly learn more about using Revel.

Do you need to create or copy a Revel course that will be integrated/paired with your school’s Learning Management System (LMS)? If so, click a link below:

Supporting your students during their learning journey

While we aim to answer as many questions as possible for instructors, we also understand that your students will likely have questions about Revel too. For these situations, Pearson has prepared a few easy-to-follow videos and links to student support pages. You may consider sharing the following assets, where they apply, with your students in your campus LMS.

If your students are looking for more in-depth answers or would like to explore Revel more, please direct them to either of the links below:

Looking to up your Revel game even further? Consider checking out these webinars!

The following webinars contain deeper insights about Revel and discuss using the platform within your courses. Learn about the features inside the software and how maximize its potential.

Webinar 1: Assigning Revel and More Unique Features

Webinar 2: Using the Revel Dashboard and More Key Insights

Webinar 3: Your students won't read? Take your Revel course to new heights with Video Quizzing and Shared Media

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