Simulation on Recruitment and Selection

The Recruitment and Selection Simulation is a powerful, state of the art learning tool that easily compliments and integrates with your existing curriculum. Providing learners with a risk-free experiential setting to practice and apply theory while developing the skills they need to be successful in the professional world, it is  a co-op experience in a classroom setting.

The Narrative

Intuition Wells is a mid-sized information technology company specializing in cyber security. The company was founded six years ago and has grown to over 180 people. The leadership team is fully committed to their employees and have made it clear they are the company’s most important asset. To support this commitment, an employee wellness and retention program was created 18 months ago, headed by Helene Sofia.

This program includes hiring trained chefs to make healthy meals for staff as well as wellness services such as private nurses, personal trainers, and yoga classes. Hiring for such a diverse set of roles keeps the Human Resources department on its toes, as each hire requires customized recruitment strategies, screening tools, and interview questions.

As a new Human Resources Practitioner students are tasked with creating a recruitment campaign, screening tool and interview questions for one of four roles that Helene is hiring for. The simulation randomly assigns one of the four roles to each student in a class, ensuring a variety of experiences through the simulation.

During the simulation, Learners are provided with background information on Intuition Wells and one of four job descriptions that Helene is hiring for. They will use this information to create:

  • A recruitment campaign that includes a poster and selection of advertising methods
  • A screening tool based on the job description
  • An interview structure and question set

Learners will submit draft of their work to their supervisor, an AI character in the simulation who can provide feedback and guidance before students submit their final work to Helene.

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