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Canadian Social Work Collection​​

Our Canadian authored content aims to provide students with frameworks that make sense at a more local level. Each of our titles in this Social Work Collection are:​

  • Canadian – written by Canadians for Canadian programs and developed in Canada
  • Peer-reviewed – have passed through Pearson’s rigorous peer review process 
  • Authoritative – written by experienced leaders in Canadian Social Work 


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Introduction to Social Work

Choices: Interviewing and Counselling Skills for Canadians, 8th ed.


A continuing best seller in Canada, Choices is designed as a textbook and practice reference guide for students and practitioners that combines theory, practice examples with sample interviews, and challenging self-awareness exercises in a comprehensive yet readable format. The book includes illustrative practice examples and challenging exercises that promote skill development, conceptual understanding, and self-awareness. Throughout the book, the author includes neuroscience concepts that have relevance for counsellors. Although framed in the Canadian ethical and cultural context, the content of the book is designed to appeal to a broad international audience of professionals. 

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Group Practice

You and Others: Reflective Practice for Group Effectiveness in Human Services, 3rd edition

McKinley, Ross

The 3rd edition of Group Practice was created as an introduction to group skill development in the helping professions. It builds on earlier learned skills of interpersonal skill development and is designed to take this learning into the group context, using the classroom to explore group development, leadership, and power, and to prepare students for teamwork in the field. The process of reflection is used to deepen student learning and to focus on the relevance of group process theory to each student as an individual.

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Community Practice

Community Development in Canada, 3rd ed.


The 3rd edition of Community Development in Canada includes theoretical and historical perspectives, as well as a brief look at the contemporary approaches used and skills needed by community workers. Many major contributions by Canadians to the development and practice of community development and highlighted and the 3rd edition has been updated throughout to reflect current and emerging aspects of community development practice in Canada.

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Social Welfare Policy

Canadian Social Policy: A New Introduction, 5th ed.

Graham, Shier, Delaney

Canadian Social Policy: An Introduction examines major social policy considerations in Canada. It is intended for an audience of graduate, senior undergraduate, and senior community college students in social work, and for professionals who want to update their knowledge of current policy contexts. It is also intended to offer insights to students and practitioners of other disciplines, such as anthropology, business administration, Canadian studies, clinical psychology, development studies, divinity, economics, education, geography, history, nursing, occupational therapy, political science, public administration, rehabilitation studies, and sociology. 

The market leader in policy analysis and social work studies, Canadian Social Policy is a comprehensive text with well-respected authors, a strong framework for analyzing social policies, and a much-needed Canadian perspective. It balances concepts such as feminism, postmodernism, and social diversity with examinations of major social policy considerations in Canada and the world. 

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