Vanier College Chemistry

Hello Vanier Chemistry, we have put together this website for you to highlight a few very important tools in Mastering Chemistry for your courses at Vanier.

Help students target their gaps in knowledge

GapFinder assesses your students' levels of understanding in the context of math relevant to their chemistry course and creates personalized plans to help them remediate the math skills necessary to succeed in the chemistry sequence. GapFinder makes it easy for them to see where they're struggling with key prerequisite math skills, so they study what they don’t know — not what they’ve already mastered.

Help Students study more effectively

Dynamic Study Modules are assignable modules that adapt to each student’s performance and offer personalized, targeted feedback to help them master key concepts in chemistry.

Help students come to class prepared

Assign a chapter or section of the Pearson eText to help students prepare for lectures, homework, and quizzes — and to hold them accountable for their work. Scheduled readings are posted to each student’s assignment page, and you can link readings directly to a Mastering assignment.

Give your students Just-in-Time Math Practice

Math Remediation problems in Mastering Chemistry help students understand math related to their assigned homework. When students answer incorrectly, answer feedback provides a link to the math practice or learning aid. 

Get exam ready with videos and practice problems tailored to your course

Each Channel is a specialized platform full of explanations and practice problems created to help you prep for exams. Channels are built with your course in mind, so you can learn what's being covered in your class.

Please let Jeremy Guimond know which of these tools are most important for you to learn more about