Faculty FAQ for SheerID

SheerID validates instructor roles to make sure resources that are created and intended for their use are indeed being used by instructors. This ensures that materials are not abused or shared, especially test banks.

Who is SheerID?  

SheerID is a company that specializes in verifying your status based on your uploaded personal information. SheerID takes information security very seriously and will never sell your information. Click here to learn more about SheerID.

Am I eligible? 

You need to be currently working in the post-secondary education field.

What information must I enter?

  1. First and last name, as shown on institution records
  2. Full institution name
  3. Institution-issued email address

I'm verified but am still having problems – how do I get help?  

To troubleshoot a problem with completing your request for materials, please contact Pearson customer support.

What documentation is needed?

You will need to upload proof of eligibility which is most often an official institution-issued document that shows:

  • First and last name
  • Institution name
  • Teaching status
  • Valid date

If you do not have an institution ID, other documentation accepted include a scan of:

  • course schedule
  • screenshot of your faculty portal
  • public-facing faculty link including the URL
  • signed offer/acceptance letter.

Please redact or block any information not necessary for verification.

Please note: the information you enter on the verification form (First Name, Last Name, Organization Name, Status that you are an instructor and not a student) MUST match what is on the uploaded document. 

How does SheerID protect my information?

SheerID takes information security very seriously and will never sell your information. Everything provided to SheerID is protected by rigorous protocols. Any documents submitted to SheerID will be permanently deleted following verification. Redact any sensitive information that is unrelated to proving your eligibility.

For more info on how your data is used see SheerID's privacy policy.

What do I do if I have trouble verifying my faculty status?

Contact Pearson customer support.