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How the AI study tool provides individualized help

Instant Explanations

When a student is reading their eTextbook and finds a section or concept challenging, the AI tool generates a simplified explanation to help break down the complex material.

On-Demand Summaries

For help focusing on the key topics and ideas in their reading, students can select a chapter or section in their Pearson eText and the AI tool will generate a summary.

Choose-Your-Own Practice

A student can ask the AI tool for multiple-choice or short-answer questions related to a specific chapter or topic. AI-generated practice then helps address gaps in the student’s knowledge to improve learning.

Flashcards and Notes

For further practice and study, students can generate flashcards and notes based on their chat interaction with the study tool.

Results from Fall 2023 Beta Tests

The tens of thousands of students that used Pearson’s beta AI study tool in fall 2023 showed strong levels of engagement and provided positive feedback.

76% of respondents to in-platform surveys either “liked” or “loved” the study tool, 75% saying the tool was “helpful” or “very helpful” for their studies. 

Students demonstrated stronger engagement with Pearson eTexts that included the AI study tool by spending more time in their eTextbook per week and opening it more frequently.

The AI study tool is one of the top 3 features used in Pearson eTexts.

"I love the AI-powered study tool because I'm using the eTextbook more now than I ever have—infinitely more—because I can just go in and ask a question and I get a very good answer that is reliable."

— Jeff Bradbury, Professor of Chemistry, Cerritos College

"The AI study tool makes studying easier, faster, and more effective. It’s an all-in-one thing, your own personal professor whenever you need them.”

— Student beta tester, Toronto Metropolitan University

"I like that it's a conversation, not just a long paragraph. I enjoy the fact that we can respond and it gives an intelligent response back. It encourages you. It asks questions. If you're stuck, it explains. It's like talking to a live tutor."

— Student beta tester, Florida International University

Also available in MyLab and Mastering

Discover the power of an interconnected learning experience with the AI-powered study tool in MyLab® and Mastering®. Empower students to make every moment a learning opportunity.

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