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Getting Started

Students, click "Register" at the top of this page to redeem an access code or buy instant access.

Instructors, to request access or see a demonstration of a Brady Digital Library, please contact your Brady representative.

Once you have received your access code from your Brady representative, go to Select your discipline from the dropdown menu. After you request access and your status as an instructor is confirmed, you will receive instructions on how to register.

Go to your program's customized Brady Digital Library website address, which will take you to a Registration / Sign In page.

If your school is not listed, please contact your program coordinator or Pearson Support.

Windows 8 Chrome 27 or higher
Firefox 21 or higher
Internet Explorer 9, 10 (desktop)
  Windows 7 Chrome 27 or higher
Firefox 21 or higher
Internet Explorer 9, 10 (desktop)
Mac OS
OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Safari 5.1, 6
Firefox 21 or higher
  OS X 10.7 Lion Safari 5.1, 6
Firefox 21 or higher
  OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Safari 5.1, 6
Firefox 21 or higher

Important: Internet Explorer 8 is no longer fully supported. For an optimal experience, please choose a supported browser.

Mobile Devices

Mobile Browser Requirements

After you have registered for your Digital Library, you have the option to access your Digital Library on a tablet. Supported devices and browsers are listed below. The Kindle is not supported.

Chromebook   OS 19 or higher
iPad iPad 1-4, iPad Mini, iPad Air iOS5 or higher
Android Android 10” tablets OS v4.0 or higher, accessible via Google Play only*

* Most Android tablets come pre-loaded with a single app store. The most popular is Google Play but there are others including Amazon Appstore for Android, GetJar, AppBrain, and SlideME. Each store is different and, in addition to having its own UI and connections to its servers, each app store offers customers and app sellers its own sales/purchase rules and incentives.

The Pearson eTextbook apps for Android are available only from Google Play. If you are supporting or selling to a customer that is using an Android device which does not use Google Play, it may be because the device does not comply with Google's compatibility requirements or the device manufacturer does not support Google's licensing agreement. The Pearson eTextbook for Android apps only run on Android devices that meet these requirements. There are no immediate plans to support alternative app stores.

Mobile Apps

You must download the Pearson eTextbook app in order to launch your Digital Library on a tablet.

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