The Big Think: Flipped classrooms for learner efficacy

Presenter(s): Elaine W. Tan

The Big Think - Flipped classrooms for learning efficacy: the pedagogical considerations for leaders

What does a flipped classroom mean for you, your teaching staff and your students?

Although not a new learning model, many educators have found themselves adopting strategies of the flipped classroom in the recent year. Given new constraints (a global pandemic included), we find educators adapting and creatively using tools and strategies to create and maintain an effective learning environment for their students.

Join Elaine W. Tan Ph.D, Senior Learning Designer at Pearson as she reflects on the changes to teaching and learning in the last 18 months and considers the pedagogical benefits and opportunities the flipped classroom has to offer. Elaine will also consider the added value, lessons learnt, cost of implementation, and ways to incrementally embrace the flipped classroom learning model to better support learning outcomes.

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About the presenter

Elaine W. Tan, Ph.D. is a Senior Learning Designer within the Learning Research & Design team at Pearson. She uses insights from cognitive and behavioral sciences to design effective learning experiences to improve outcomes.

Elaine earned her Ph.D. in Cognitive Science at Mississippi State University and has since developed a deep interest in understanding more about how we, as humans, learn best! She also has 11 years of teaching experience in Cognitive and Experimental Psychology and is currently teaching Cognitive Psychology online.

For: Senior leaders, senior leadership teams, school owners

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Presenter(s): Elaine W. Tan