Exploring MYP Maths: ‘Explore before you tell’ and problem solving

Presenter(s): Ibrahim Wazir

‘Explore before you tell’ and problem solving

In this webinar, guest speaker Ibrahim Wazir, Pearson MYP and DP Maths series editor and author, will discuss how to use an exploratory approach in the classroom to promote the discovery of new mathematical concepts and ideas.

He will also cover the importance of problem-solving strategies and how to encourage students to implement a consistent problem-solving approach in Maths.

About the presenter

Ibrahim Wazir has taught Maths at Vienna International School, the American International School, Vienna, and at Webster University, Vienna. He has been an IB Maths Assistant Examiner, Chief Examiner and a member of the Curriculum Committee. He has also run IB workshops for new and experienced teachers.

For: International school Maths educators and senior leaders

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