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What is the GSL?

The Global Scale of Languages (GSL) is the world’s first language learning framework that provides unparalleled insights into learners’ skills in multiple languages.

Built on the same leading learning design principles and expertise as Pearson’s flagship Global Scale of English (GSE), the GSL empowers even more language educators and learners to fast-track their progress.

The GSL uses the same simple yet highly effective 10-90 scale with detailed learning objectives for each point, informing language learning, teaching and assessment, and unlocking more opportunities to personalize learning journeys than ever before.

The GSL is currently available for teachers and learners of French, Italian, Spanish, and German.

Find the GSL learning objectives and learn more about their research and development below.

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Why choose the GSL?

Based on the proven, highly-effective GSE framework
Detailed learning objectives give unparalleled language-skill insights
One simple scale guiding general (adult) and professional language learners from beginner to fluent
Supports both language teaching and learning journeys
Builds confidence and motivates learners with personalized pathways

Discover the Global Scale of Languages

Explore the development of the GSL and get started with the learning objectives and resources.

For information and resources on teaching English as a Foreign Language, visit the GSE Resources page.

GSE Resources

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