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Pearson Results Team | May 21, 2021 in Meaningful Outcomes

Instructor leading a lecture to online classroom

Pearson interviewed instructors across the United States in winter 2020-2021 to understand how they’re using and experiencing Revel Communication.

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Revel helps students succeed

Seth Horning, adjunct professor at DePaul University, saw a drastic improvement in grades after using Revel Communication, commenting:

”My students’ quiz scores were much higher in Revel (as compared to when it was not utilized). I was really happy with their Revel quiz scores. They were typically in the 90% or higher range for all students.”

Rebecca Cooney, scholarly associate professor at Washington State University, has seen her students’ writing skills and overall proficiency increase since adopting Revel. She says:

“I have been seeing an improvement in writing quality overall and an improvement in competence.”

Revel builds an online community

Laura Carr, full-time professor at Dallas College in Texas, utilizes SharedWriting as a way to facilitate interaction between students online.

“Revel is great for online courses because built into it are times where students can interact, particularly with the SharedWriting.”

Revel is a tool that supports instructors

Rebecca Cooney believes the content in Revel is aligned to her course curriculum so well that she could run the entire course out of Revel. She explains:

“You could run the class out of Revel and the textbook. You could use the book as your curriculum. It really is that comprehensive. I could dump everything into Revel and just run it from there. It is that in line with our curriculum map… I like having an anchor and I think having Revel gives that anchor for the entire curriculum.”

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