Benefits of MediaShare for instructors and students

Pearson | August 20, 2021 in Meaningful Outcomes

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How MediaShare benefits instructors and students

Professor Laurie Metcalf at Blinn College in Bryan, TX reported many perceived advantages of using MediaShare™ for her online public speaking course. Specifically, she named her ability to accomplish the following:

Time-stamping specific feedback in students' videos to support their development of public speaking skills.

  • Providing more feedback to students' videos because of the ability to copy and paste feedback in MediaShare's grading rubric.
  • Looking across assignments for the same student to determine whether a problem is recurring and adjusting her grading and communication with the student accordingly.

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About MediaShare

MediaShare is a tool for sharing, assigning, discussing, and evaluating media in different formats, including video and audio files. It enables students and instructors to comment on media, and instructors can provide timestamped feedback to students on their assignments.

Implementation of MediaShare

For her online public speaking course, Professor Laurie Metcalf has used MediaShare for five or more years. MediaShare’s role in her class is primarily for students to submit four required speech assignments and for Laurie to provide grades and detailed feedback on those assignments.

She views MediaShare as benefitting students through the development of students’ source citations and use of appropriate language, as well as offering her a way to see how individual students are progressing over time allowing her to offer targeted intervention.

Instructor experience and perception

Laurie views the capacity to provide timestamped feedback in students’ videos as very beneficial to learning as it allows her to focus on a specific spot in the recording. Relatedly, Laurie has found the setup of MediaShare to enable more of her feedback for those moments.

Laurie finds the layout of the rubric advantageous as it allows her to do all of her grading on one screen. For the school break that extended through the end of the year because of the coronavirus pandemic, this functionality proved especially useful.

In addition, Laurie believes student performance has improved due to MediaShare in the way students give source citations and their use of appropriate language.


From her perspective, the positive aspects of MediaShare give her online course advantages above and beyond what is possible for an in-person class saying, “We don’t even have that ability in a live class to do that. To stop a speech and say, look, ‘Did you hear what you just said? Did you hear how that sounded?’ And, ‘Here’s the problem.’ Or, ‘Here’s why it’s great.’ So that in and of itself I think is fantastic.”

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