Benefits of Pearson eText and MyLab Education for instructors and students

Pearson | August 20, 2021 in Meaningful Outcomes

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How Pearson eText and MyLab Education benefit instructors and students

Professor Dr. Peggy Goodson Rochelle at Tusculum University in Tennessee sees many benefits for instruction and a positive impact on student success since she has utilized Pearson eText and MyLab™ Education. She emphasizes the following benefits of these products:

  • They are vetted, saving her the time investment of checking that the reading she assigns is accurate.
  • Pearson offers strong product support, allowing her to get assistance from knowledgeable staff when she needs it.
  • They offer many conveniences to students, including:

    Access to the text from the very start of the course;

    Use of the products on their preferred devices; and

    The opportunity to take practice quizzes.

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About Pearson eText and MyLab Education

Pearson eText and MyLab Education offer access to course readings from multiple devices. The embedded videos of teachers in the classroom with actual students provide real-world demonstrations of the text’s concepts. Students have multiple options for reinforcing their understanding of the material, including practice quizzes. Instructors can make use of an array of assignments—quizzes, multiple-choice questions, short answer questions, writing assignments, and others—to assess student learning.

Why does Professor Dr. Goodson Rochelle utilize Pearson eText and MyLab Education?

Peggy’s courses use Pearson eText or MyLab Education for three main reasons: they’re vetted, Pearson staff provide quality support, and the cost can be covered by financial aid.

How are Pearson eText and MyLab Education implemented?

She has used direct integration since 2018, which allows her to incorporate Pearson eText and MyLab into her courses. She will eventually switch to partner integration because it will offer consistency across the university while still allowing her to add deep links for her courses. Assignments differ between her courses, but she often assigns video case studies and self-check quizzes. Assignments within the products that students submit generally contribute 20% to 40% toward their final grade in the course. Other assignments that are not part of MyLab include having her students evaluate teaching videos and giving feedback on samples of elementary and secondary student work.

She allows students to engage with practice quizzes and other parts of Pearson MyLab that do not count towards their grade as many times as they like. She makes some tests and quizzes untimed in the product if she wants to encourage students to read or reread the text. Additionally, she often takes advantage of the product’s feature that randomizes the order of questions on quizzes.

Instructor experience and perception

When summing up her overall experience as an instructor using MyLab, Peggy again offered praise to Pearson’s product support and she described direct integration as “seamless”. On the topic of student reactions, she shared her view that students appreciate Pearson text. “They like having options,” she stated, referring to the options to use Pearson text on a phone, computer, or tablet and the ability to take practice quizzes and other ways to study before completing graded assignments. She added that students seem to appreciate not having to go to a physical or online store to purchase a book.

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