Support student success with Revel Java Programming

Pearson | August 16, 2021 in Meaningful Outcomes

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Supporting student success with Revel Java Programming

Pearson interviewed instructors across the United States in Summer 2020 to understand how they’re using and experiencing Revel Java Programming.

Researchers found that Revel’s integrated learning experience, that blends engaging content with practical experience and immediate feedback, lays a solid foundation for students to be successful programmers.

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Revel’s integrated learning experience encourages active participation

George Meghabghab, professor at Roane State Community College in Tennessee, feels the integrated and immersive learning that Revel Java Programming offers means it is an “optimal learning space which encourages students to go into Revel… and engages them to stay there until finished.”

Frank Ducrest, recently retired professor at a 4-year school in Louisiana, was pleasantly surprised when immediately after adopting Revel the rate of passing the course went from 35% to 70% in the first semester. The subsequent 5 years of utilizing Revel has kept this success rate high, averaging from 60% to 80%, depending on the student majors.

It has really been amazing, the difference I have seen in my students since starting Revel.”

Hands-on practice with immediate feedback

Joe Parks, recently retired Lead Java Instructor at a community college in North Carolina, feels the immediate feedback Revel offers helps students realize a concept may not be well understood, thus allowing them to address the concern while the material is still fresh.

The integrated quizzes, animations, activities, etc. follow this model, and allow a student to realize immediately that he or she needs to go through the current material again. Revel does this on an individual level, which is impossible to do in a classroom setting.”

Caroline Budwell, professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, appreciates how Revel’s practice opportunities encourage deep thought, saying:

I like Revel because it does make the kids practice problems and it’s not as fluffy as what I was using previously because that program just gave them a lot of points to read and try stuff. Revel makes you think more; the practice activities in Revel makes my kids think more.”

The autograding feature saves time grading programming assignments

Four of the instructors we spoke to, including Caroline Budwell and Sujing Wang, a professor at a 4-year school in the southern region of the United States, all find the autograding feature to be the most beneficial aspect of Revel, with Caroline saying:

I haven’t manually graded anything since implementing Revel, so I would say it works very well for me. It reduces the time I have spent grading, I just go into Blackboard, sync the grades, and I don’t mess with it at all.”

Terrance Adam Smith, professor at a 2-year school in Texas, appreciates the time saved grading programming assignments saying, “I am definitely doing less work due to automatic grading.”

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