Negotiate with Confidence
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In this course, you will

  • Identify an opportunity
    Identify an area in your business to negotiate an outcome with confidence and develop this plan with the support of your project advisor.
  • Use the right methods 
    Gain a clear understanding of how to confidently negotiate and apply a range of templates and toolkits to your guided project.
  • Develop relevant skills
    Develop and improve a selection of key skills relevant to negotiating with confidence in your business.

5 steps to success

16-20 hours over 6+ weeks

Help is always available

Project advisor support

Invaluable insider insights from your project advisor.

Up to 3 hours of 1-2-1 support.

Guides & resources

Switch on to our online library to access authentic case studies, proven business models, and practice scenarios that will help you test and deliver your plan.

Up to 4 hours of content.

Examples of tools and templates you will be introduced to

The Harvard Principles

Know the five negotiation principles used by the best negotiators in the world.

Develop your BATNA

What is your Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement to help you decide when to walk away?

Five Killer Phrases

Learn how to move negotiation forward when at an impasse using five killer phrases every negotiator should know.

Power Strategies

Explore strategies to increase your power and encourage the other person to be more reasonable.

Power skills you will develop


Work effectively with colleagues so that all parties’ objectives are reached and achieve organizational goals in the most efficient way possible. Reach agreement with others on outcome and execution, even in those situations where the individuals’ goals appear mutually exclusive.


Listen deeply and ask appropriate questions to frame any proposal in such a way that it will be most easily understood and most likely be agreed with.

Critical thinking

Explore the negotiation context in order to deeply understand your goals as well as the goals of others involved in the situation.   

Emotional intelligence

Recognize and manage your moods and emotions to best achieve your outcomes. Recognize and work with other people's moods and emotions.


Achieve goals by working effectively through other people. Communicate in a way that brings others on board and inspires them to work towards achieving those goals.  

On completion you will have

Discovered ways to negotiate confidently

Demonstrated live project experience around a key challenge in your business that needed effective negotiation to resolve.

Transferable skills to use across your business

Gained proficiency in critical skills fundamental to negotiating with confidence that supports your career development.

Resources you can turn to again and again

A structured business plan with templates that you can download and use in future projects.

Credly badge

A Credly badge that certifies your competence in effective negotiation techniques.

Want to get up to speed on how to negotiate with confidence?

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