Academic Integrity

How to help maintain academic integrity in my course

As educational methods and standards change in higher education, we at Pearson recognize it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with ways to encourage academic integrity for your students and minimize cheating.

If you’re looking for new techniques to implement into your course and stay up to date, take a look at some of our webinars and blog posts below for tips on how to discuss cheating with your students, platform features to use and a discussion about the implications of artificial intelligence on academic integrity among other topics.

An extended discussion of methods to mitigate cheating, along with how and when students might cheat, can also be found here: Methods to mitigate cheating.

Explore MyLab features for overcoming cheating



Platform tools and features

Pearson is committed to promoting learning and mitigating academic dishonesty by addressing student temptation with research-based strategies designed to provide guidance when needed.

Resources available across our digital learning platforms, such as interactive worked examples and tutorial hints designed to boost learners to mastery, are built to optimize the learning experience and encourage students to use them rather than seek answers elsewhere.

Select your main platform below for tips about how to maximize these resources for your course and help promote academic integrity and minimize cheating for your students.

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