Is MyLabIT NextGen Worth the Switch?

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Join our MyLab IT power user and IT Faculty Advisor, Tricia Blair, as she walks through MyLab IT Next Gen, the data driven and innovative IT platform transformation. Hear about key features, personalized tools and time-saving best practices from Tricia and other instructors who have made the switch. 

Presenter(s): Tricia Blair

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With a Master’s in Education, Tricia Blair has taught learners ranging from young children to seniors for two and a half decades at locations including elementary schools, colleges, universities, public libraries and within the penal system. As a faculty member and coordinator of Computer Applications at Northeast State Community College, she supported up to forty courses, ten instructors and eight hundred students during various semesters. She has been a power-user of Pearson products and is an expert with MyLab IT and now NextGen. As a practicing professor, she brings a unique perspective to the IT Faculty Advisor position. As a lifelong learner, she is dedicated to learning more every day and transferring that knowledge on to other faculty members and colleagues.

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