Supplier Onboarding

What can I expect as part of Pearson’s supplier Onboarding process?

It is a 2-stage process:

Stage1: This is where your Pearson contact initiates the process by raising an internal form, providing information on the goods/services you will be providing Pearson. This form goes through an internal approval process and once approved, stage 2 of the process can start.

Stage 2: You will be sent a form to complete via Adobe Sign, asking for all appropriate information needed in order to set you up as a supplier. I.e. banking information, tax information, address and contact information as well as providing answers to some risk and compliance questions.

It is important that you respond to and complete your section of the form as soon as possible as failure to complete and return to Pearson will cause delays in getting your Supplier record set up.

I haven’t received my Supplier Onboarding form to complete.

There are a few things that you can check here in the first instance.

  • Check with your Pearson Business Contact which email address they provided for you when they initiated the onboarding process, as this is the email address your form will be sent to. If the email address is incorrect, or needs to be updated, your Pearson Business Contact can make this request on your behalf, or you can contact directly with the request.
  • The form will be sent to you from Adobe Sign so, it is possible that your email security settings have sent the form to your spam or junk folders – make sure to check those! Also make sure to add the email address to your safe senders list within your email inbox settings.

I need help with filling out / completing my onboarding form

If you have any questions about your supplier onboarding form, please reach out to for any help/assistance.

I’ve submitted my onboarding form back to Pearson, how long will it take for me to be set up?

Once your form has been received by us, it goes through some final checks, to make sure that we have all the information we need to be able to set you up as a supplier. If we have all the required information, your supplier account will be set up and active within 2-3 days.

If you have indicated that there are any potential risks or conflicts of interest when completing your form, this can add to the set-up time as these will need to be assessed.

I’ve already delivered the goods/services that I was asked to provide Pearson, I am just waiting for payment of my invoice. Why am I now being asked to complete an onboarding form?

If you are being asked to complete an onboarding form, this indicates that you have not been set up as a supplier on Pearson’s systems, therefore it is not possible for us to make any payments to you. The onboarding form needs to be completed and sent back to Pearson so we can set you up.

You should not be undertaking any work for/on behalf of Pearson unless your Pearson Business Contact has provided you with a Purchase Order for your goods/services. Always ask for a Purchase Order before undertaking any work for Pearson to avoid any delays in payment.

Purchase Orders

I haven’t received a copy of my Purchase Order?

There could be a few things in relation to this:

  • A purchase order can only be issued once we have received back your signed contract in relation to the content-based goods/services you will be providing Pearson, delays in signing and sending back this contract will delay your Purchase Order being sent to you.
  • It is possible that we have an incorrect or different email address on record, where your Purchase Orders are sent when they are issued.
  • You can check with your Pearson Business Contact in the first instance to make sure that a Purchase Order has in fact been issued (it is possible it is still going through internal approval), secondly you can check with them which email address is on record to send your Purchase Orders to.

If this email address is incorrect or needs updating, you can request this is updated by contacting our Supplier Support team at


How can I submit my invoice to Pearson for payment?

The preferred method for invoice submission is via email. Depending on where the content related goods/services you are providing to Pearson will be delivered – there is a specific email address you should use.

For goods/services being delivered in the UK –

For goods/services being delivered in the US –

For goods/services being delivered in Canada –

Does my attached invoice need to be in a specific format?

All invoices must be in PDF format

I have submitted my invoice, when will I receive payment?

Your invoice will be paid according to the payment terms that have been set up against your supplier record. The standard payment terms for The UK are Net 30 days and for the US are Net 45 days.

Pearson can only process an invoice for payment once we have physically received it. Your supplier payment terms will take effect from the date that Pearson has received your invoice, not from the actual date of your invoice.

You will receive a notification via email after you have submitted your invoice/s via the appropriate email address, the email will confirm

I’ve submitted my invoice via email, but it has been rejected, why?

There could be a number of reasons for this.

Your invoice may not be compliant – in that it doesn’t reference the Purchase order number, or you haven’t provided a Pearson contact name on the invoice, or it may be in the incorrect format. You will find guidance below on how to submit a compliant invoice to Pearson for processing.


I haven’t received a remittance advise for an invoice that was recently paid – how can I get a copy of this?

You can contact our Supplier Support team directly at, it is possible that the email address we have on record to send your remittance advices to is incorrect, or we may not have one on record. If you could provide the team with the email address you would like these to be sent to, the team can ensure this information is updated/correct so that you will receive your remittance advices for all future invoice payments.

Some of my information has changed i.e. banking information, address information, Organisation name, etc. How can I get this updated?

It is important that as soon as any of your supplier information has changed, you notify Pearson as soon as possible, so this can be updated on your supplier record. Any conflicting information could result in delays to processing your invoices for payment.

You can notify us of any updated information via the email address: