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This title is only available as a loose-leaf version with Pearson eText.


In 50 Social Studies Strategies for K-8 Classroom, pre-service and practicing teachers get well-explained, useful, meaningful ideas—including 50 ready-to-use strategies—for engaging elementary and middle school students in learning social studies. The strategies are easily adaptable to individual teachers’ classroom configurations and needs, and include multiple types of assessment tools that give teachers options in assessing their students. Each strategy is organized for flexibility and ease of use and includes links to the National Council for the Social Studies national curriculum standards, links to the Common Core Strategies, procedural recommendations, application ideas, differentiation sections, assessment sections, references and resources, and more. The strategies are designed to help teachers plan effective social studies lessons using multiple types of student groups, while also accounting for the diversity of learners in today’s classrooms. The new Fourth Edition includes updating, revisions, and additions to the strategies throughout.


0133783685 / 9780133783681 50 Social Studies Strategies for K-8 Classrooms, Loose-Leaf Version with Pearson eText -- Access Card Package

Package consists of:     

013374096X / 9780133740967 50 Social Studies Strategies for K-8 Classrooms, Loose-Leaf Version  

0133823172 / 9780133823172 50 Social Studies Strategies for K-8 Classrooms, Pearson eText -- Access Card


Table of contents


Part I: Overarching Social Studies Instructional Strategies

1. Community Building

2. Creating Classroom Rules

3. Developing Multiple Perspectives

4. Concepts: Development and Attainment

5. Questioning

6. Media Literacy

7. Discovery Learning

8. Inquiry Learning

9. Graphic Organizers

10. Historical Source Work


Part II: Specific Social Studies Instructional Strategies to Advance Content Knowledge and Skills Development

11. Archaeological Digs

12. Architecture and Landscape Design Significance

13. Case Studies

14. Cemetery Studies

15. Community Maps

16. Custom Boxes

17. Decision Trees and Decision Grids

18. Discerning Qualifications

19. Field Trips of Distinction

20. Folk Culture

21. Games

22. Genealogies

23. Graphic Novels

24. Guest Speakers

25. Historical Characters

26. Historical Reenactments

27. Home Living Centers

28. Informal Learning

29. Learning Centers

30. Literature Book Clubs

31. Maps and Globes using GoogleEarth

32. Mini-Society

33. Mock Trials

34. Model Factory

35. Museum Exhibits

36. Music History

37. Newspaper Making

38. Oral Histories

39. Pen Pals

40. Readers’ Theater

41. Role-Playing

42. Sand Table maps

43. Service-Learning

44. Timelines

45. Trash Trail

46. Traveling Ambassador

47. Video Production

48. Virtual Field Trips

49. WebQuest

50. Wikis

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