Administrative Law: Bureaucracy in a Democracy, 7th edition

  • Daniel E. Hall
  • Daniel E. Hallahan

Administrative Law: Bureaucracy in a Democracy

ISBN-13:  9780135186329

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For courses in administrative law.

A plain-language survey of the laws governing administrative agencies
Administrative Law: Bureaucracy in a Democracy examines administrative law in the context of accountability and preventing governmental abuse of power. With thorough, yet accessible coverage, it looks at the authorities held by administrative agencies, how agencies are kept accountable, and the existing and potential constraints on agency authority, both constitutional and otherwise. In analyzing case excerpts, students learn to think critically about the issues and controversies of administrative law, while gaining practical insight they can apply as professionals. The 7th edition includes new laws and cases, and addresses contemporary challenges confronting the administrative state.

Table of contents

1. Introduction
2. Bureaucracy and Democracy
3. Agency Discretion
4. The Requirement of Fairness
5. Delegation
6. Agency Rulemaking
7. Agency Information Collection and Investigations
8. Formal Adjudications
9. Accountability Through Reviewability
10. Accountability Through Accessibility
11. Accountability Through Liability

A. Constitution of the United States of America
B. Administrative Procedure Act (5 U.S.C. §551 et seq.) Excerpts
C. Selected Executive Orders
D. Researching Administrative Law Issues

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