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Assessing Students with Special Needs, 8th edition

  • Effie P. Kritikos
  • Rena B. Lewis
  • James A. McLoughlin
Assessing Students with Special Needs -- Enhanced Pearson eText

ISBN-13:  9780134254685

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For courses in Assessment in Special Education (Special Education).

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Comprehensive, accessible, balanced coverage of both formal and informal assessment for learners with disabilities.

Grounded in the idea that assessment is at the center of all good teaching, this comprehensive text is noted for its accessibility and its thorough exploration of the link between gathering information and actually using it to make informed decisions. In it, readers get a solid understanding of the complete assessment process, from choosing the best tool, to adapting instruction, to improving outcomes. Included is coverage of both popular and lesser-known tools, giving readers promising procedures for assessing students with special needs. The new edition includes introductory learning objectives, summary learning objectives, breakpoint practices, multimodal methodology, and updating throughout including assessments, research articles, examples, figures, and legal information. The Enhanced Pearson eText version includes embedded videos, self-check assessments, and interactive exercises.


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