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For courses in Introductory Astronomy.


Connects introductory astronomy to a broad understanding of the universe

In this 9th Edition of Astronomy Today, Volume 2, authors Eric Chaisson and Steve McMillan communicate their excitement about astronomy, combining up-to-date science with insightful pedagogy. The text emphasizes visualization, focusing on the process of scientific discovery in order to teach students “how we know what we know.” Updated features in the 9th Edition, Big Pictures and Big Questions, help students connect the content of each chapter with a broader understanding of the universe while piquing student interest in current research. New features within Mastering Astronomy bring these features together and allow students to interact with astronomy outside of the classroom. The 9th Edition has also been thoroughly updated and revised to reflect recent discoveries in the field of astronomy.

Table of contents

Astronomy Today, Volume 2: Stars and Galaxies, 9th Edition—Includes Chapters 1–5 and 16–28.

PART I: Astronomy and the Universe

1 Charting the Heavens: The Foundations of Astronomy

2 The Copernican Revolution: The Birth of Modern Science

3 Radiation: Information from the Cosmos

4 Spectroscopy: The Inner Workings of Atoms

5 Telescopes: The Tools of Astronomy

PART III: Stars and Stellar Evolution

16 The Sun: Our Parent Star

17 The Stars: Giants, Dwarfs, and the Main Sequence

18 The Interstellar Medium: Gas and Dust Among the Stars

19 Star Formation: A Traumatic Birth

20 Stellar Evolution: The Life and Death of a Star

21 Stellar Explosions: Novae, Supernovae, and the Formation of the Elements

22 Neutron Stars and Black Holes: Strange States of Matter

PART IV: Galaxies and Cosmology

23 The Milky Way Galaxy: A Spiral in Space

24 Galaxies: Building Blocks of the Universe

25 Galaxies and Dark Matter: The Large-Scale Structure of the Cosmos

26 Cosmology: The Big Bang and the Fate of the Universe

27 The Early Universe: Toward the Beginning of Time

28 Life in the Universe: Are We Alone?


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