Electric Circuits, 11th edition

  • James W. Nilsson
  • Susan Reidel

Electric Circuits

ISBN-13:  9780134746968

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The fundamental goals of the best-selling Electric Circuits remain unchanged. The 11th Edition continues to motivate students to build new ideas based on concepts previously presented, to develop problem-solving skills that rely on a solid conceptual foundation, and to introduce realistic engineering experiences that challenge students to develop the insights of a practicing engineer. The 11th Edition represents the most extensive revision since the 5th Edition with every sentence, paragraph, subsection, and chapter examined and oftentimes rewritten to improve clarity, readability, and pedagogy — without sacrificing the breadth and depth of coverage that Electric Circuits is known for. Dr. Susan Riedel draws on her classroom experience to introduce the Analysis Methods feature, which gives students a step-by-step problem-solving approach.

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Table of contents

  1. Circuit Variables  
  2. Circuit Elements  
  3. Simple Resistive Circuits  
  4. Techniques of Circuit Analysis  
  5. The Operational Amplifier  
  6. Inductance, Capacitance, and Mutual Inductance  
  7. Response of First-Order RL and RC Circuits  
  8. Natural and Step Responses of RLC Circuits  
  9. Sinusoidal Steady-State Analysis  
  10. Sinusoidal Steady-State Power Calculations  
  11. Balanced Three-Phase Circuits  
  12. Introduction to the Laplace Transform  
  13. The Laplace Transform in Circuit Analysis  
  14. Introduction to Frequency Selective Circuits  
  15. Active Filter Circuits  
  16. Fourier Series  
  17. The Fourier Transform  
  18. Two-Port Circuits  

Appendix A  The Solution of Linear Simultaneous Equations  

Appendix B  Complex Numbers  

Appendix C  More on Magnetically Coupled Coils and Ideal Transformers  

Appendix D  The Decibel  

Appendix E  Bode Diagrams  

Appendix F  An Abbreviated Table of Trigonometric Identities  

Appendix G  An Abbreviated Table of Integrals  

Appendix H  Common Standard Component Values  

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