Electronics Fundamentals: Circuits, Devices, and Applications, 9th edition

  • Thomas L Floyd
  • David M. Buchla
  • Gary D. Snyder


A comprehensive text on DC/AC circuit fundamentals, with additional chapters on devices
Renowned for its clear, accessible narrative, Electronics Fundamentals: Circuits, Devices, and Applications is a practical exploration of basic electrical and electronics concepts. With hands-on applications and troubleshooting guidance, the text prepares students to solve real circuit-analysis problems. Six chapters are devoted to electronic devices. The 9th edition has been completely updated and revised to meet current industry standards. It includes new content on topics of interest, such as battery technologies and renewable energy, as well as new worked examples and original drawings.

Table of contents

1. Quantities and Units
2. Voltage, Current, and Resistance
3. Ohm's Law, Energy, and Power
4. Series Circuits
5. Parallel Circuits
6. Series-Parallel Circuits
7. Magnetism and Electromagnetism

8. Introduction to Alternating Current and Voltage
9. Capacitors
10. RC Circuits
11. Inductors
12. RL Circuits
13. RLC Circuits and Resonance
14. Transformers
15. Time Response of Reactive Circuits

16. Diodes and Applications
17. Transistors and Applications
18. The Operational Amplifier
19. Basic Op-Amp Circuits
20. Special Purpose Op-Amp Circuits
21. Measurement, Conversion, and Control

A. Standard Resistor Values
B. Capacitor Color Coding and Marking
C. Norton's Theorem and Millman's Theorem
D. NI Multisim for Circuit Simulation

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Published by Pearson (January 7th 2021) - Copyright © 2022