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For courses in introductory psychology.

Explore psychology through its most influential studies

Forty Studies that Changed Psychology, first published 25 years ago, remains one of the field’s most comprehensive introductory texts. In exploring the most commonly cited studies, Forty Studies guides students through both the history of psychology and the diverse disciplines that comprise the field. By covering the context, hypothesis, summary, and other aspects of these studies that have so heavily influenced psychology, the text fills the gap between major research and the textbooks they engender. The 8th Edition has been updated to include more than 30 new, modern studies that cite one or more of the influential studies.

Table of contents

1. Biology And Human Behavior

2. Perception And Consciousness

3. Learning And Conditioning

4. Intelligence, Cognition, And Memory

5. Human Development

6. Emotion And Motivation

7. Personality

8. Psychopathology

9. Psychotherapy

10. Social Psychology

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