Foundations of Menu Planning, 2nd edition

  • Daniel Traster

Foundations of Menu Planning

ISBN-13:  9780134484471

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How to create a menu from start to finish!

Foundations of Menu Planning guides readers through the menu planning process in the same order in which a professional menu planner conducts the process. Menus are marketing mechanisms, cost control tools, and critical communication devices for successful food service operations. Beginning with identifying and defining a target market, the book progresses through understanding various menu styles, creating beverage menus, costing recipes, determining menu prices, and analyzing and engineering an existing menu. A unique chapter on unwritten menus, a capstone project for creating an original menu, and a concluding look at the menu-first approach to building a successful foodservice operation reinforce the book’s reputation as the most comprehensive resource of its kind on the market.


The Second Edition incorporates a wide range of new information including: strategies for incorporating nutrition into menus based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015-2020 and shifts in menu pricing strategies from the traditional table d’hote to the more contemporary prix fixe with supplemental charges. Also included are trends in menu planning, from small plates and signature cocktails, to online menu design and layout and menu engineering to maximize profitability.  

Table of contents

1.Factors that Define a Menu 
2.Nutrition and Menu Planning 
3.Menu Styles and Headings I–Traditional Basics 
4.Menu Styles and Headings II–Beyond the Basics 
5.Beverage Menus 
6.Standardized Recipes and Recipe Costing 
7.Menu Pricing 
8.Menu Copy 
9.Unwritten Menus 
10.Layout of the Written Menu 
11.Evaluation: Menu Engineering 
12.How the Menu Directs Business 


Published by Pearson (January 4th 2017) - Copyright © 2018