Geotechnical Engineering: Principles & Practices, 2nd edition

  • Donald P. Coduto
  • Manchu Ronald Yeung
  • William A. Kitch

Geotechnical Engineering: Principles & Practices

ISBN-13:  9780132368681

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Geotechnical Engineering: Principles and Practices, 2/e, is ideal or junior-level soil mechanics or introductory geotechnical engineering courses.


This introductory geotechnical engineering textbook explores both the principles of soil mechanics and their application to engineering practice. It offers a rigorous, yet accessible and easy-to-read approach, as well as technical depth and an emphasis on understanding the physical basis for soil behavior.


The second edition has been revised to include updated content and many new problems and exercises, as well as to reflect feedback from reviewers and the authors’ own experiences.

Table of contents

  • Chapter 1 Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering
  • Chapter 2 Engineering Geology
  • Chapter 3 Site Exploration and Characterization
  • Chapter 4 Soil Composition
  • Chapter 5 Soil Classification
  • Chapter 6 Excavation, Grading, and Compacted Fill
  • Chapter 7 Groundwater–Fundamentals and One-Dimensional Flow
  • Chapter 8 Groundwater–Multidimensional Flow and Applications
  • Chapter 9 Stress
  • Chapter 10 Compressibility and Settlement
  • Chapter 11 Rate of Consolidation
  • Chapter 12 Soil Strength
  • Chapter 13 Stability of Earth Slopes
  • Chapter 14 Foundations
  • Chapter 15 Spread Footing Design
  • Chapter 16 Earth Retaining Structures
  • Chapter 17 Lateral Earth Pressures
  • Appendix A Recommended Resources for Further Study
  • Appendix B Unit Conversion Factors
  • Appendix C Field Identification of Soils
  • Appendix D Finite Difference Solutions to Flow Problems

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