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Improving Adolescent Literacy: Content Area Strategies at Work, 5th edition

  • Douglas Fisher
  • Nancy Frey

Published by Pearson (January 30th 2019) - Copyright © 2020

5th edition


Straightforward, affordable, and practical, Improving Adolescent Literacy gives all middle and secondary school teachers instructional routines that will allow them to develop the content literacy skills of their students. Chapter-opening vignettes from actual classrooms show readers effective teaching in action and give them a look at how the chapter’s instructional approach works within content area teaching. Research-based rationales for each strategy follow the vignettes and provide an in-depth look at how to implement the strategy, along with examples of each strategy across the curriculum.

In this 5th Edition, the authors provide new classroom examples from their colleagues across the disciplines as well as new instructional routines that have been researched and validated since the publication of the last edition. Also, this edition has been re-organized, adding three new chapters, to focus on the ways in which teachers can use reading, writing, speaking, and listening in their classes, emphasizing reading and comprehending texts, creating graphic organizers, developing vocabulary knowledge, and writing to learn.

Table of contents

  1. Ensuring All Students Read, Write, Think, and Learn
  2. Setting the Stage: Building and Activating Background Knowledge
  3. Word for Word: Vocabulary Development Across the Curriculum
  4. Well Read: Promoting Comprehension Through Read-Alouds, Shared Readings, and Close Reading
  5. Why Ask? Questioning Strategies that Prompt Thinking
  6. Speaking Volumes: Using Collaborative Conversations to Build Students’ Content Knowledge
  7. Picture This: Graphic Organizers in the Classroom
  8. Getting it Down: Making and Taking Notes Across the Curriculum
  9. Powerful Pens: Writing to Learn Content
  10. Taking Stock: Formative and Summative Assessments

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