Introduction to Forensic and Criminal Psychology, 7th edition

  • Dennis Howitt


Discover more about the fascinating field of forensic and criminal psychology with this widely praised book, ideal for the students who want to understand how psychology relates to criminal justice and the law.

Introduction to Forensic and Criminal Psychology, 7th edition is an essential resource for students studying psychology, applied psychology, criminology, and other relevant subjects, providing a clear and comprehensive introduction to this developing discipline.

This market-leading text follows an accessible pedagogical approach, focusing on contextualising theory stemming from extensive, up-to-date research and key empirical findings. It covers major areas in the field, such as profile analysis, lie detecting, mental disorders and crime - among others. It also explores further relevant and significant research studies from the UK and international perspectives and introduces new, contemporary material such as the impact of COVID-19 on crime and police use of force.

The book aims to support your broader understanding of the key concepts surrounding the field, helping you develop your critical thinking skills and challenging group discussion in class.

Some of the helpful features introduced in the chapters are 'Key Concepts', 'Forensic Psychology in Action', and 'Controversies', which encourage a deeper understanding of the subject. The Overview section at the beginning of each chapter and the comprehensive list of figures and diagrams further support your learning experience on the extensive research data and theory developed.

Along with its comprehensive Glossary on key terms for easy reference, this is an invaluable tool for those who would like to follow a career in criminology and forensic psychology and is guaranteed to keep you engaged.

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    1. What is forensic and criminal psychology?
    2. The social context of crime
    3. Crime and the public
    4. Victims of crime
    5. Theories of crime
    6. Juvenile offenders and beyond
    7. Theft and other crimes against property
    8. Violent offenders
    9. Sexual offenders 1: rapists
    10. Sexual offenders 2: paedophiles and child molestation
    11. Police psychology
    12. Terrorism and hostage-taking incidents
    13. Eyewitness testimony
    14. Profile analysis 1: FBI-style offender profiling
    15. Profile analysis 2: investigative psychology, statistical and geographical profiling
    16. False allegations
    17. False and true confessions
    18. Lies, lie detecting and credibility 1: the psychology of deception
    19. Lies, lie detecting and credibility 2: the polygraph test, statement validity analysis and SCAN
    20. Children as witnesses
    21. Mental disorders and crime
    22. Mental, personality and intellectual problems in court
    23. Judges and lawyers
    24. Juries and decision making
    25. Effective prison
    26. Psychological treatments for prisoners and other offenders
    27. Risk, recidivism and desistance



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