Laboratory Manual for Human Biology: Concepts and Current Issues, 8th edition

  • Michael D. Johnson
  • Bert Atsma

Laboratory Manual for Human Biology: Concepts and Current Issues

ISBN-13:  9780134283814

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 The Laboratory Manual provides an emphasis on critical thinking  and includes Safety Guidelines, Objectives, A List of Materials Needed, Topic Introduction,  Activities with embedded questions, and Critical Thinking Questions.

Table of contents

1. Scientific Method and Laboratory Protocol
2. The Microscope
3. The Anatomy and Diversity of Cells
4. Cell Physiology
5. Tissues
6. Orientations to the Human Body
7. The Integumentary System
8. The Skeletal System
9. The Muscular System
10. The Nervous System I: Organization, Neurons, Nervous Tissue, and Spinal Reflexes
11. The Nervous System II: The Spinal Cord, Brain, and Autonomic Nervous System
12. The Senses
13. The Endocrine System
14. The Cardiovascular System I: Blood
15. The Cardiovascular System II: Heart and Blood Vessels
16. The Respiratory System
17. The Digestive System and Nutrition
18. The Urinary System
19. The Reproductive System
20. Genetics
21. DNA Technology and Genetic Engineering
22. Evolution
23. Human Ecology

Appendix: The Metric System

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